Formerly Known as Something Better

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"Sleepover. is an incredibly powerful group. Both Madeleine and Joshua are intensely passionate and confident performers, and their music reflects that." - Dan Ward (Live Sound Engineer)

"When experiencing the rhythms and melodies that Sleepover. creates, I often find myself caught off guard by the depth of the lyrics. Their creativity and skill on multiple instruments as well as stunning vocal performances from all members provides a truly incredible show." -Karl Brown (Music Enthusiast)

"[Sleepover.] allow[s] their music to honestly display emotion rather than holding back to appeal to a single aesthetic or genre of music." Haley Schichtl in The Idle Class Magazine

Most Popular

Venues Played

Fayetteville, AR: Stage 18, Backspace, Nomads, 21st Amendment, Mojo's, The Slab, The Nines, American Shaman, Kingfish, University of Arkansas, Vintage Vibes, Fayetteville Happenings, University of Arkansas 

Little Rock, AR: White Water, Vino's, The Lobby Bar, Pine Sreet House, Optica, South on Main, House of Something, The Meteor

Rogers, AR: Brick Street Brews, Bike Rack Taproom

Hot Springs, AR: Maxine's

Conway, AR: The Conway House

Springdale, AR:  Black Apple Crossing, Bike Rack Brewroom, Vintage Vibes

Perryville, AR: Fin's Place

Russelville, AR: Optica

Jonesboro, AR: Creegen's Pub

Ava, MO: Freedom Fest

Denton, TX: J&J's Pizza

Dallas, TX: Sofar Sounds

Austin, TX: Beerland

Houston, TX: Super Happy Fun Land, Notsoh

Memphis, TN: Lamplighter Lounge, Sounds Good Memphis


Dan Ward (Live Sound Engineer)

 (901) 487-7930

Jason Miller (Music Content Producer)

(479) 283-0986

Sam Williamson (Little Rock Musician, lead singer of "The Streakers")

 (501) 766-9224

(4,130 Spotify Listens) 

Sleepover. is the project of Madeleine Robinson and Josh Wyatt. Both Madeleine and Josh are singer-songwriters and multi-instrumentalists. Sleepover. explores the influences of lofi, folk, rock, electronic, and many other genres in an attempt to produce something honest and true. 

Upcoming Shows

Due to COVID-19, Sleepover. is only accepting outdoor/socially distanced show opportunities.