Formerly Known as Something Better

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Sleepover. is the project of Madeleine Robinson and Josh Wyatt. All members of the group are multi-instrumentalists, switching between bass, drums, keyboard, guitar, dulcimer, and banjo, creating an extremely dynamic set. Sleepover. explores the influences of lofi, folk, rock, electronic, and many other genres in an attempt to produce something honest and true. 


"Sleepover. is an incredibly powerful group. All members are intensely passionate and confident performers, and their music reflects that." - Dan Ward (Live Sound Engineer)

"When experiencing the rhythms and melodies that Sleepover. creates, I often find myself caught off guard by the depth of the lyrics. Their creativity and skill on multiple instruments as well as stunning vocal performances from all members provides a truly incredible show." -Karl Brown (Music Enthusiast)

"[Sleepover.] allow[s] their music to honestly display emotion rather than holding back to appeal to a single aesthetic or genre of music." Haley Schichtl in The Idle Class Magazine

Most Popular

Venues Played

Fayetteville, AR: Stage 18, Backspace, Nomads, 21st Amendment, Mojo's, The Slab, The Nines, American Shaman, Kingfish, University of Arkansas, Vintage Vibes, Fayetteville Happenings, University of Arkansas 

Little Rock, AR: White Water, Vino's, The Lobby Bar, Pine Sreet House, Optica, South on Main, House of Something, The Meteor

Rogers, AR: Brick Street Brews, Bike Rack Taproom

Hot Springs, AR: Maxine's

Conway, AR: The Conway House

Springdale, AR:  Black Apple Crossing, Bike Rack Brewroom, Vintage Vibes

Perryville, AR: Fin's Place

Russelville, AR: Optica

Jonesboro, AR: Creegen's Pub

Ava, MO: Freedom Fest

Denton, TX: J&J's Pizza

Dallas, TX: Sofar Sounds

Austin, TX: Beerland

Houston, TX: Super Happy Fun Land, Notsoh

Memphis, TN: Lamplighter Lounge, Sounds Good Memphis


Dan Ward (Live Sound Engineer)

 (901) 487-7930

Jason Miller (Music Content Producer)

(479) 283-0986

Sam Williamson (Little Rock Musician, lead singer of "The Streakers")

 (501) 766-9224

(4,130 Spotify Listens) 

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